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Office of the Fire Commissioner - Alberta Municipal Affairs

NFPA Standard


Levels to which Agency is Accredited

Firefighter 1001 Firefighter I, II, I/II
Driver/Operator 1002 Pumper, Aerial
Rescue Technician 1006 Rope Rescue I, II, I/II; Trench Rescue I, II, I/II; Confined Space Rescue I, II, I/II; Vehicle  I
Fire Officer 1021 Fire Officer I, II
Fire Inspector 1031 Fire Inspector I, II
Fire Investigator 1033 Fire Investigator
Public Fire Educator 1035 Public Fire Educator I, II
Fire Instructor 1041 Fire Instructor I, II, I/II, III
Wildland Firefighter 1051 Wildland Firefighter I
Fire Brigade Member 1081 Incipient, Advanced Exterior, Interior Structural, Brigade Leader
Haz Mat Responder 472  Awareness; Operations Core; Operations Mission Specific: PPE & Product Control; Technician


Sean Wells MEd, Director Stakeholder Engagement and Registrar Accreditation & Certification

Office of the Fire Commissioner - Alberta Municipal Affairs

16th Floor Commerce Place 

10155 - 102 Street NW

Edmonton, Alberta

Canada T5J 4G8

Telephone: 780-644-4721

Email: Sean Wells



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