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In January, the Board of Directors asked Dr. Thomas Sturtevant, Program Manager with the Emergency Services Training Institute (ESTI) at Texas A&M University, to serve on the Committee on Accreditation as an appointed member. ESTI is one the Pro Board's most active accredited agencies, with 3619 certifications last year. Dr. Sturtevant brings a strong background in training, education, and testing  as well as experience administering a large and diverse certification program to this appointment on the COA. The Board expects Dr. Sturtevant will be a great asset to the Pro Board's COA.


More recently, Maureen Hennessy, a retired Assistant Chief with Prince Georges County Fire/EMS Department resigned from the Committee on Accreditation.  Her long service to the COA is appreciated and both the Board and the COA wish her the well in her future endeavors. The Board appointed Julie Coffman, Deputy Director Administration at the Alabama Fire College, to replace Maureen on the COA.  Julie was responsible for the 2004 re-accreditation documentation and facilitation of the Pro Board's site visit of the Alabama Fire College in 2004. For more information about Julie and this appointment see: 

Alabama Fire College Announcement of Appointment 


The Board approved the proposal from the Advisory Committee to initiate a Johnny Wilson Memorial Award. The selection Committee consists of:

  • Stephen P. Austin, Chairperson - Representing the NBFSPQ Board of Directors

  • Kevin O’Connell and V. Ken Elmore - Representing the Committee on Accreditation

  • Alan Joos, Utah - Representing the Advisory Committee from 2004 through 2007

  • John Johnson, Georgia - Representing the Advisory Committee from 2004 through 2006 

  • Lawrence Preston, Maryland - Representing the Advisory Committee from 2004 through 2005

  • Mrs. Sulla Wilson - Ex-officio member

All of the details, including the nomination form are In the Documents section of the Pro Board web page. Nominations must be submitted by July 1.

The Board also took action on the issue of Pro Board certificate expiration dates. this issue was raised at the Advisory Committee meeting in December. After considering input from the Advisory Committee and the COA, the Board decided on the following:

1)    Place the edition date of the standard to which the candidate was certified on the Pro-Board certificate and in the National Registry (information to be supplied by all Accredited Agencies). This edition date will “peg” the date of the standard, which along with the date of the certificate assists Agencies in policing their re-certification requirements.

2)   Place an expiration date on the Pro-Board certificate when requested by the Accredited Agency provided the Agency identifies the expiration date when the certificate information is submitted.

3)   Expiration dates will not be placed in the National Registry and names will not be removed from the National registry for reasons other than fraud.

The Operational Procedures have been updated to reflect these decisions.  They can be found in Article X on page 12. The latest version of the Operational Procedures is available under the Documents section of the Pro Board web site. 


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