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The Pro-Board is a member of the National Advisory Committee of the Congressional Fire Services Institute. This affiliation provides a conduit for input at the Federal level on fire service accreditation and certification issues such as “credentialing”.

      Established in 1989 as a non-profit, non-partisan policy institute, the Congressional Fire Service Institute (CFSI) is designed to educate Congress about the all-risk role of the fire and emergency services. The Institute works with all members of Congress providing objective information about pending federal legislation and policies that impact the performance of our nation’s 1.2 million first responders.

     The Institute also strives to build consensus among national fire service organizations in support of federal legislation benefiting all facets of the fire and emergency services. The issues addressed determine to a large extent the role of the federal government in training, equipping, and safeguarding first responders for various types of hazards, as well as providing support and resources for prevention and public education programs focused on fire and life safety.

     When the Institute was first established, its mantra was “So That First Responders Never Stand Alone” which is as true today as it was 16 years ago at its founding.

 Building Coalitions

     An important CFSI strategy involves building coalitions from the CFSI National Advisory Committee (NAC), a 50-member committee comprised of the leading fire and emergency service organizations in the country. The Pro-Board is an active member of the CFSI National Advisory Committee. Convening semi-annually, the NAC provides a forum in which leading authorities on fire and life safety issues can develop and exchange ideas for enhancing the federal government’s role in equipping and training first responders, as well as providing support and resources for fire and life safety prevention and public education programs.

     The NAC also provides guidance and counsel to the CFSI staff to help respond to congressional inquires. Each day, CFSI receives calls from Congressional offices requesting information concerning the fire and emergency services. When it is not readily available, the NAC members assist in providing the information in a timely manner.

     The Institute has established a level of trust with Congress over the years in providing timely and objective information. The first call made by Congress is often to the CFSI when it comes to first responder issues.

Should our Accredited Agencies have any questions about CFSI or the Pro-Board’s involvement with the National Advisory Committee, please contact Tony O’Neill, Secretary to the Pro-Board....

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